Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Holiday Sets- Bite Beauty

Hi everyone :)

I guess it's that time of the year again. Magic, mistletoe, and (most importantly) value sets!!! I love the holidays in makeup because so many companies are giving us the best deals of the year.

Generally, my shopping habits are divided into:

60% value sets (eyeshadow, lippies, blush, eyeliners)
35% rebuys/staples (mascara, foundation, powder, concealer, primer)
5% innovations (contouring stick anyone?)

So, during the holidays I basically stock up on eyeshadow, lippies, and blush for the rest of the year. Thats how i justify spending so much hahaha ;)

Today, I will be going over my thoughts on the holiday sets by Bite Beauty. They exclusively sell lippies. Their lip products are food grade, which honestly make sense since you end up ingesting most lipgloss and lipstick. Generally their products exclude many hard metals like in other lipsticks (lead, ect.) but they do have FD&C food colorings (bleh!) and mica.

Bite Best Bite Set ($25) is a great deal. For a dollar more than a single pencil, you get four minis that are over half the size of a single full sized. The colors are varied (a nude, my-lips-but-better, bright pink, and red) and perfect for the holidays. I've never tried their pencils. Also, I don't have any of these colors in another formula. Inside the nice, reusable tin even has a mirror!
Verdict: I bought it for Holiday. However, I am restraining myself from opening them yet.

Bite The Lip Kit ($38) and Bite Collectors Edition Lip Layers Set ($98) are a different story. I'm pretty new to Bite Beauty (I've only bought their tin set last year and recently this year) and was disappointed in the number of repeats. I only have eight total Bite products, but three of the eight colors in the top set are repeats and four of the twenty bottom colors are repeats. The formula of their lipsticks is nice (more long lasting than most non-drying ones) but these just aren't worth it with so many other great lip sets out. Also, I don't really like the double sided thing very much. I'd be happier with some minis.
Verdict: Probably won't buy unless I get a ton of gift cards for my birthday

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