Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara

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Really quickly before I start my review, bareMinerals is giving out one free loose powder eyeshadow (your choice of color) to anyone who goes to a boutique today (Thursday November 7) or tomorrow (Friday November 8). You do not have to make a purchase, but you do have to present a special email which I have. Email me at if you are interested and I can foreward you the email needed to get this amazing deal.

Here's my first review on a relatively new product. BareMinerals released this product in June 9, 2013. Like most products, it makes some hefty promises. Does it live up to the expectations it sets for itself?

This product claims to be a thickening, volumizing, high drama mascara. It's unique brush (see below) is a curious innovation.

There are many positives to this mascara.  Natural mascaras tend to be on the drier side, which causes flaking. This mascara can be described as more of a wet product. This may not work if you have super fine lashes and want a lot of curl, but I feel the wetness is a good thing. This product will last and not dry out before it's three months are up.

This mascara is hands down my favorite bareMinerals mascara. The other ones don't really do anything for my short, thin sparse lashes. I prefer more dramatic mascaras, so imagine how I felt when I heard bareMinerals was coming out with a "high drama" mascara. This mascara looks much better on my lashes then their Flawless Definition ones. The color is definitely super black. The balance between volumizing and legthening is pretty perfect for my lashes (comparable look to Tartes Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara which I will review tomorrow). I can build it up to a beautiful point.

The only real downside to me was the smudging. I definitely had some raccoon-esqe smudging under my eyes. I know bareMinerals sells a waterproof topcoat for it, but I try to avoid waterproof because it's kind of rough on my lashes. After cleaning up the smudging about an hour or so after application, I had no more smudging issues.

Another slight inconvenience is that the new spiral brush, as awesome as it looks, is pretty terrible at doing lower lashes. It's not a big deal, but just a little heads up.

Verdict: Four stars out of five, taking a star off for the smudging

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How it looks on my lashes after 8 hours of wear
    *I did use a curler this morning before applying.
The brush and its cool spiral design

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